eCommerce Software

We go all out creating the storefront design with a perfect look and feel, colors & the wow factor. We don't bother you with fixed templates, they are all hand crafted, very creative!

Product Management

We give you a very easy to use product management system with all the bells and whistles that are necessary to manage your product inventory.

Back office control

We also build other management modules like orders, shipping, gift voucher, agent or resellers, inventory. Are you looking to automate entire operations process? We have got it!

If you have a product, service or software and you are looking for a solution that does not come in a box, you have come to the right place. We do not sell packaged eCommerce software but we work with you to create custom Online eCommerce Store with features and functionality that you need. More like an interior designer working with you to design your retail space and contractor executing the design and merchandizer who would set-up products on your retail space. All put into one. Genius! that's what people call us, when they are happy!

Our eCommerce developments are all 100% custom eCommerce software. We work with you right from the start and enable you create an online store that is self-reliant and requires minimum intervention from you or your team. We provide product management to enable quick and efficient loading of products into your store. We can also automate this to allow you pull products from other databases or inventories of your suppliers using API. Order management is customized to suit your needs and allow you to intervene and push your sales wherever necessary, We also use PUSH technology tools to forward orders to your suppliers or update inventory or update shipments for your logistics providers. We also integrate your choice of payment gateway provider to accept online credit card and other forms of online banking payment. All in a seamless integration allowing you to choose exactly what you want and how much automation you want at the start.