Technology is a place to Live! We swear our elegance to the best & the latest, in the order of relevance. What we recommend is what you need and mostly that's what you want.


35+ Gurus or Techies or Nerds or whatever you want to call them are supported by 15+ pros at marketing & administration. We like to be open, very open about who we are!


Established since 1999, presence in Australia, New Zealand, US, UK, Ireland, United Arab Emirates. 500+ projects under our belt, should we say more?

We have been into the industry for a very long time. We have lived the dotcom bubble and the tsunami of changing technology landscape and are constantly thriving to find a higher ground and be prepared for technology waves that might be on the way.

Founded by two brothers Kishore & Bharat from India, both of who have put more than a decade of their lives into this company. Today it has operations in several countries and several like minded & spirited individuals have joined hands to build the organization and helped reach here and are committed to taking it to the new highs. For more information about us, you may visit